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There are lots and lots of ways to contribute to CLABIL Project. There is no such thing as a small contribution. EVERY SINGLE THING counts.

We need help in the following ways:

1. Volunteer and Record - It takes 5 minutes to record a small story, a quiz, or a Wikipedia article.

2. Organise a Read Fest in your school / College.

3. Adopt a School and donate mp3 kits at a blind school near you. (Links to the post on how to adopt a school)

4. Spread the Word - Talk to people about Esha. Share our blog. Connect with us on Facebook and let your friends know. If you have friends in the media, please talk to them about doing a story for us. If you are in the advertising space, please carry one of our ads in any free space that you might have.

5. Support Esha Products - The more products we sell, the less funding we need. We use all sale proceeds for CLABIL. Please go to the ESHA Shop now and order the products online!

6. Get your cards Braille enabled - This is the simplest, easiest, fastest way to support accessibility for the blind. Every Visiting card is an ambassador.

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